Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. We need to take care of them for our well-being. Even when we care about our surroundings it isn’t always easy to know whether the trees and shrubs around are property is doing well or not and what we can do to help them thrive. Hence, for anything related to trees and shrubs, be it tree removal or an arborist report you should reach out to Al Miley & Associates. An Arborist’s report gives crucial insight into the health of trees and shrubs around your house. We are here to tell you what an Arborist Report is and why you need it.

What is understood by an Arborists Report?

An Arborist report is an objective report which offers invaluable information about the condition of the trees and shrubs. This report outlines the current conditions of your trees is, which also includes knowledge about the presence of any pests or potential diseases. It informs you about the site conditions and if there are any mechanical injuries. The report provides details about the conditions of the trees and shrubs, along with that it also provides you with recommendations. Recommendations which are included in the report have been provided to help your trees and shrubs thrive. It could include treating the root issues, pest controls, site remediation and injections or fertilizations.

When do you need an arborist report?

When you are planning to develop a property, you are required to have an arborist report which will detail how this development will impact the local trees. There are by-laws in place to protect certain types of trees. These by-laws for trees also apply when you are developing private property. Reaching out to experts who provide tree care solutions, they will be able to help you out with the process. They can provide solutions for various situations like development applications, tree protection plans, Private tree by-law permit Applications. It is essential to remember that no healthy tree can be chopped off without permission.

Why do you require an arborist report?

An arborist report is essential because it provides invaluable insight into the condition and health of your shrubs and trees. If the trees in and around your property are not well, then it can pose a threat to you or the public in general. As the report outlines any potential problems, action can be taken to address them before severe damage is caused. The report also includes information about the kind of tree that can be taken down before it wreaks havoc in the community. You are required to have an arborist report for a tree to be removed

Contact an Arborist.

Whether you want to refine the aesthetics of your property or just simply want to maintain the trees and shrubs, you must reach out to the arborist. They will inspect the plants and trees. They will give you advice, to restore them or remove the ones which have poor health or can cause safety issues.

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