Ways To Bring Positive Vibes Around Your Kid’s Study Room

Every room in a house has a specific and different purpose. Like you eat in a dining room, cook in the kitchen, watch television and relax in the living room, and so on. In the same way, a child’s room also serves some specific purposes.

A Child’s Room

Though a child does everything at any corner of the house, they have a special attachment to their room. In that room,  the child eats, studies, and plays all at the same time. After a certain point in time, a child tends to seek a space that he can call his own. And this is only a very natural thing to happen.

Vaastu In A Child’s Room

When your child tends to spend such a significant amount of time in that one room, and if as, parents, you believe in Vaastu Shastras, then it is absolutely important that you get the Vaastu of that room right. A proper equilibrium of things warrants the child’s comprehensive development, which is very important. As we all know, today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen; as parents, you must be very careful how you bring up your child.

Get it right and see how your little one grows into a master champion.

Vaastu Tips For A Child’s Room

Tip 1 – Direction

According to Vaastu Shastras, direction plays a fundamental role. A child’s room is also not exempted from this rule. A child’s room should ideally face the east, northeast, or north directions, among which east is the most preferred direction.

It coincides with the rising sun, and if analyzed carefully, a child is as good as the rising sun. A child is just beginning life as every new dawn brings a new sun. So it would work just right if you allow maximum sunlight access to your kid’s room.

Going by the thumb rules of eastern cabala, the sun is contemplated as the dynamo of positive energy and vibes. Thus, when your child faces the first early morning rays of the sun, it invigorates your child to be an early riser like the sun. It even infuses the room with alacrity.

Things get even better when your child’s room is facing an open area to allow the sun to infuse the room with its full might and brightness.

Tip 2 – Lighting

It is no mystery that an abundance of natural light is a health bonus for your child. And if you can arrange your child’s room as such, then you can see the benefits that your child derives from it from the viewpoint of health. Above all, we know that sunlight destroys germs and drives out toxins.

Nevertheless, if there is no access to sunlight into your kid’s room, take recourse to that by allowing maximum artificial lighting. Place the lights in such positions, so that it is maximum-placed where it is required.

Focusing the light directly on a child is not desirable, as it causes distraction for a child. If you go by Vastu Shastras, then circumambient lighting is the ideal situation. Yet, in such a situation, the child’s study table or even his computer table must have a focused table lamp of suitable design.

Here again, it would be best if you did not forget that you cannot place the lights in such a way that their shadow falls on the books or computer.

Tip 3 – Furniture

Vastu applies to every aspect of a kid’s room. It even applies to the furniture of a room. If you look carefully and study Vastu, you will know that you cannot place a bed directly opposite a bathroom. Because a bathroom is considered a place of low energy that drains off the positivity of a place. In such conditions, the wall adjoining the bathroom is to be left stark.

Vastu says you should not let your child feel the burden of studies by placing enormous amounts of books above his head on the study table. The books should have separate storage space, preferably a bookshelf, as that adds to the organization habit of your child.

The chairs should have the right height. Vastu says high-backed chairs make a high achiever. The height of the chair should ideally be in line with the navel to generate positive energy. Even the computer table chair should be of ideal height. Try to buy from furniture reputed shops or brands as they take care of these points while creating furniture.

Tip 4 – Colours

Colors are a must mention here. Colors can lift the mood of every person. So it does have a vital role to play. Green is nature’s ambassador for the bounties that she has endowed on humanity. So, according to Vastu, this is the harmonious color for your child’s room. And as we all know, green symbolizes growth & prosperity and has a very tranquilizing effect on the eyes; it is all the more desirable.

When you have a hyperactive little jumping jack in your home, then blue is the color for him or her. It will help calm that child. At all costs, you should avoid colors such as red, orange, purple, and certain deep shades that are not propitious by the rules of Vastu.

Tip 5 – Flow Of Energy

For a flow of energy to be smooth and undisturbed, the room’s shape should be square or rectangular to signify all four directions and elements of nature. Allow gaps in between furniture so that the flow of energy does not stagnate. Sharp edges should be avoided to allow smooth flow and stay away from any mishaps.

Tip 6 – Things To Avoid

Vastu says you should not clutter your child’s room. So remove all junk items that are no longer required. Stack toys properly and neatly. Keep minimal gadgets such as a computer and a computer table in your child’s room.

Sleeping below the beam is a big no-no. And discourage the kids from eating in the bedroom. These points are essential mainly for safety and hygiene.

Tip 7 – For Good Luck

Specific objects such as an idol of Goddess Saraswati on a pedestal or Ganesha with a Diya lit up at their feet are symbolic of good luck. It would motivate your child if you placed all certificates of achievement on display as a fount of encouragement.

Kids are the future of every family; they are the dreams and heartbeats of the family. Bringing maximum positive vibes to their life means more joy, more smiles, and more happiness. Following a few quick tips adds peace and good energy to their room and daily life.

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