Handy Looks at The Beauty of Victorian Architecture Style


According to Handy, the Victorian era fueled the innovation of craftsmanship and arts and even today, Victorian architecture is highly regarded as a symbol of great beauty. In order to truly appreciate the ingenuity of Victorian architecture, you need to look at a few important symbols of Victorian craftsmanship.

The Examples

Here are a few excellent examples of beautiful Victorian architectural style:

  1. Carson Mansion in Eureka, California – The Carson Mansion in Eureka, California is regarded as the grandest Victorian home in America and one of the premier examples of Queen Anne-style architecture in the United States. However, it also incorporates a mix of other major styles of Victorian architecture including Italianate, Eastlake, Stick, and more.

Willian Coleman Carson was the original owner of the Carson Mansion who contracted the nineteenth-century builder-architects, Samuel Newson and Joseph Cather Newson to build the house by 1883. Currently, it is owned and occupied by the Ingomar club and is not open to the public.

  1. John Rylands Research Institute and Library in Manchester, England – The John Rylands Research Institute and Library is a part of the University of Manchester and represents a late-Victorian Neo-Gothic style of architecture. The architecture of the building can be categorized into three parts — the exterior, the interior, and the technology.

The exterior of the library was designed to resemble a church with a decorative style comprised of neo-gothic style along with Arts and Crafts details. The interior comprises oriel windows in the reading alcoves that are supplemented by high clerestory windows on both sides. It also includes a series of statues, portraits of religious and secular figures, and bronze work in the art nouveau style.

The John Rylands Research Institute and Library was one of the first public buildings in Manchester that utilized much safer and clean electric lighting as opposed to traditional gas systems.

  1. Osborne House in East Cowes, England – The Osborne House in East Cowes, England was built between 1845 to 1851 and was designed in the style of an Italian Renaissance palazzo. It served as a formal royal residence for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Osborne House was built by the London architect, Thomas Cubitt for the royals as a rural retreat and summer home. So, although it is beautifully ornate it was designed to be more welcoming and comfortable.

The original square wing of the house was known as ‘The Pavilion’ and it consisted of principal and royal apartments on the ground and the first floors. It also included the Queen’s dining room, the Drawing room, and a Billiard room.

The main wing was added at a later date and consists of the council, accommodation, and audience chambers. On the ground floor, the final wing was added, and it included the famous Durbar Room.


Handy suggests you visit any of the prominent symbols of Victorian architecture to get a better understanding of the Victorian architecture style. If you visit a popular Victorian tourist attraction, you can hire a tour guide to learn more about the Victorian structure.

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