Mark Roemer Oakland Studies How to Make Open Plan Living Work for Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, open-plan living can allow your home to feel more inclusive and sociable. However, it is important to consider important design ideas and clever decorating and styling ideas to maximize the potential of combined space living.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to make open plan living work for your home:

  1. Use glass doors to your advantage – Using glass doors in living rooms may not sound like an open-plan in strictly technical terms but they do offer a lot of advantages when compared to traditional doors. For instance, you can still look beyond the boundary wall through the glass which helps to extend your field of vision to the space beyond.

However, you can also choose to shut yourself inside your room whenever necessary to enjoy some alone time. Plus, such a design looks quite attractive as well.

  1. Define different zones using colors – You can use paints of different colors to create different zones within larger spaces. All you have to do is paint the surfaces of different architectural details such as arches and widened door frames to signify the different zones within the larger space. This way you can combine a living room with the dining area and enjoy more space without physically dividing the living space.

You can also create feature walls behind key furniture pieces such as sofas to infuse the area with some personality. Perhaps transform the area with accent walls or paint a specific area to designate as home office zone, and more.

  1. Focus on the style and design – The style and design of an open-living space should reflect its philosophy and also be functional. Thus, there should be a seamless flow when moving from one room to another and the design and style of the zone should help to achieve that purpose. Usually, you can use simple accessories in two separate rooms to thread them together.

Alternatively, you can choose to apply a harmonious decorating scheme and apply the same shade of paint and flooring throughout the open-plan space. Charcoal and lilac-grey are excellent choices since they help to add a soft color contrast while making the space feel more grounded and adaptable for different uses.

  1. Choose a sliding door – Incorporating sliding doors into an open space can turn the area more versatile for different purposes and allow you to infuse it with more style. It does take some extra work, but the transformation is worth it due to the level of flexibility it would allow you to enjoy.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you pay special attention to the furniture placement in the open space and balance it with the color scheme to keep everything in proportion. Just ensure you have a clear picture of how you want the space to be set up before proceeding forward. For instance, you can turn the space into a relaxing haven or a center for entertainment for the whole family.

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