Lighting ideas for home

Lights are the one thing that makes a place look vivid. You can choose wonderful lighting combinations to create a look. If the room colour is dull and the furniture is average, light can change the whole atmosphere. There are many lighting options you can try. Buy a fluorescent bulb that looks smart and has a good design and good looks.

For the study, the room uses medium wattage light. For the kitchen, you can choose yellow shade light.  For the living room, use bright lights because you don’t want to look this room darker.  Pendant shaped lights, cotton balls, Moroccan lights, and mounted lights are very desirable. It can change the whole look.

Traditional lighting

You can use light bulbs which are used in schools and offices. These lights have no aesthetic look. It will just work as lights in the room. If you want to do experiments with traditional lamps, you can find vintage lights from many places. This will create a nice look, and you can get a rich vibe. Lantern shaped lights are readily available in markets. You can buy them online. If you want, you can customize it.

Fandom lights

If you want a nice and smart look for your room, you can buy those lights online. If your room has a dark colour, choose one shaded fandom light. If your room colour is very light, choose multicolour fandom lights because they will reflect beautifully.

String lights

String lights are the cheapest option for decorating places. It is easy to carry, and it is easy to put. If you want to decorate one corner of your home with multicolour light, this light is the best option for you. On the balcony, you can put those lights in a pattern. You can put those in transparent glass bottles. It will look beautiful. There is another advantage of this string is light. You can cover an extended area with this. It creates a complete look. If you want to make a romantic place for candlelight dinner, you can place string lights in the surrounding area.

Leaf ball lights

Leaf ball lights are very trendy. If you are a nature lover, you can use this light. In the garden, you can design with those tree leaf balls. With it, you can add a few colouring thread lights, which look extraordinary. It is also readily available in any online store but be careful while choosing colours. If you plan to celebrate any small tea party or get together in the house, you can decorate it yourself. Fairy lights, metal lights, and cotton lights can also use to change the room style.

Birdcage lights

Birdcage lights give an urban look to the room. This changes the whole atmosphere. You can put a tea light holder in the cage. You can light it up whenever you want. Buy a chandelier like a birdcage light, and it will look beautiful on the high ceiling.

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