Keep Your Workers Who Work at a Higher Level Safe

If you want to keep workers safer whilst working at heights, you need to choose the right scaffolding. That is why you need to enquire about this type of construction aid. You can choose from one or more various scaffolding designs. Therefore, you need to learn more about scaffolds and how they can be used.

Who to Contact Online

By choosing a full-service company such as Australian Scaffolds, you can get a better idea of what you need at your job site. By selecting an expert in the field, you can review the scaffolding that is offered for hire as well as for sale. You can also design scaffolding using 3D CAD drawings if you would like. A full-service provider will also install and dismantle the scaffolding as required.

The company you choose should be able to help you find just the right equipment besides scaffolding for your site’s access needs. For example, you may need mobile scaffolding, trestles, or acrow props, depending on the specifications. You should also be able to contact the same company for roof edge protection and scaffold accessories.

One of the basic types of scaffolds is the frame scaffold. You do not need to secure a license for this type of scaffold as long as it is four metres or less. This type of scaffold is easy to assemble and can be constructed so it is several storeys in height.

A Popular Choice of Carpenters

This basic scaffolding product is used by all types of contractors in construction. Therefore, you will find that bricklayers as well as carpenters use this type of platform. Even homeowners hire this scaffold for weekend projects at home. Because it is easy to set up or dismantle, you can achieve the height you need in a short matter of time.

One of the popular features associated with a frame scaffold is its lighter weight. In fact, only one person is needed to erect the scaffold. Plus, it has been prefabricated to save the customer money and time. This scaffold is also known as a brickies scaffold or walk-through scaffold.

You can get this scaffold at a height of 994mm and a length of 48mm. It spans about 812mm across. Indeed, this scaffold is lightweight as its entire weight is about 11kg. If you need this type of scaffold a great deal on the job, you can buy it at a reasonable price. In fact, it only costs around $100. Should you need it for a one-time project, you can hire it for about $3.45 per day. That is exclusive of GST.

Find a Platform for Your Project Now

Review the selection of scaffolding online today. You will find just the right platform for your DIY project or work site.

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