How Long Does Stamped Concrete Overlay in San Antonio Last?

Stamped concrete overlay is a great option for homeowners, but a lot of people want to know how long they can expect it to last. This question is exactly what we’ll be focusing on today. If you’re a homeowner looking into stamped concrete overlays, then stay tuned because we’ll go over how long they last and ways that you can increase their lifetime. If you’re considering stamped concrete overlay in San Antonio then we’re here to let you know what to expect from it and if it’s worth it. 

What Is Stamped Concrete Overlay?

First off, if you don’t know what stamped concrete overlay is, it’s a concrete overlay, which means it goes over existing concrete, which is stamped or pressed with some sort of design. It’s essentially the same thing as a regular concrete area, but it has the options for a design or colors to be added to give a little more personalization to it. It can be used in any area where regular concrete would be used such as a patio or pool deck. 

How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last In San Antonio?

Stamped concrete is beginning to get very popular among homeowners, but a lot of people want to know how long it lasts. Stamped concrete overlay in San Antonio lasts just as long as a regular concrete slab would last, which is about 20 years. Concrete is a very sturdy and durable material which is why a lot of homeowners choose it, but proper installation and laying of it can mean a lot when it comes to its longevity.  However, it’s important to know that maintenance is a huge part of the long lifetime of stamped concrete. 

How To Get Your Stamped Concrete To Last A Long Time?

If you are a homeowner looking to get stamped concrete then it’s important to get it to last as long as possible to make it worth the investment. For the most part, as we stated, stamped concrete lasts about 20 years, which is how long must concrete slabs last no matter what. There are a few tips that we can give to ensure that you’re getting as much out of your stamped concrete overlay as possible. 

Hire A Professional

The number one tip we have for ensuring that your stamped concrete lasts as long as possible is being sure to choose a reliable, trustworthy, professional company to install and lay the concrete for you. The main reason for this is to ensure that it is laid properly to where it will last a good amount of time. Professionals will take the time to ensure they’re laying concrete properly and stamping it correctly allowing for it to set properly and harden as it should. Paying the professionals to complete this work for you most definitely will pay off in the end when considering the lifetime of your stamped concrete overlay. 

Get It Sealed Immediately

A lot of professionals will offer to seal your stamped concrete overlay or they will recommend that you do so right after it is laid. This is because the sooner you seal it the better as then it won’t be exposed to many elements right off the bat when it is sensitive. Sealing will help to give an extra layer of protection on top of it which can help keep it from staining, cracking, crumbling, or having the design messed up. 

Continue Proper Maintenance

If you’re getting a stamped concrete overlay in San Antonio then you should keep up with the maintenance on it. Homeowners shouldn’t get their concrete laid and then forget about it. It’s important to keep up with proper maintenance to ensure that it lasts a long time and that you get your money’s worth. Proper maintenance includes cleaning which should be done to any concrete part of your home, but keeping up with cleaning your stamped concrete can ensure that it doesn’t get affected by a buildup of dirt and grime. You also should be sure to reseal your stamped concrete overlay every 2 to 3 years to ensure it is inconsistently protected from the elements. The weather and debris are the biggest causes of damage done to your stamped concrete, so keeping up with the maintenance can make it last much longer. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, stamped concrete overlay in San Antonio can last about 20 years when you hire a professional, keep up with maintenance, and get it sealed can help extend the lifetime. All of these are important in ensuring you get your money worth from your San Antonio stamped concrete overlay. If you are a homeowner looking to get a stamped concrete overlay then hopefully this helps you understand what to expect from it and what you can do to help it last even longer.

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