A Few Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner Longevity

When the heat of the summer stifles, air conditioning is a gift. Reparations and breakdowns may easily be avoided when you know how to maintain an air conditioner. We rationalized here a few easy techniques that will keep you cool and comfy. Want to work well beyond the guaranteed lifespan of your air-conditioning unit? Would you want to view only your HVAC maintenance contractor or HVAC maintenance contractor service? Well, if you follow this advice on maintaining your air conditioner yourself, you can keep yourself cool.

Be kind with your air conditioner from the first day

There are several easy things you can perform straight away that lengthen your air conditioner’s life and eventually enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and save repairs efficiency.

Begin from installation:  Set out of the sun the external air-conditioning unit. It works less and keeps you better.

Put the unit on a smooth, sturdy, well-drained concrete slab. Ensure that the whole outside unit is north to south and east to west. A dry air conditioner is much less prone to tarnish or wear down than it needs.

Regularly monitor your system

Please ask one of your buddies to assist you to clean up your air condition on weekend, free from rainfall. You can do it yourself. Detailed step-by-step instructions for regular air conditioning maintenance may be found on trustworthy home-repair sites.

So this whole goal of learning is to know how to keep the air conditioning smooth and clean. Here we elaborated few instructions that you must follow:

  • Clean the condenser coils.
  • Check for damages on condenser coil fins and fan.
  • Do Fan bearings lubrication.

You probably do not need any additional tools if you already have a workshop in your garage or cellar. On your condenser coils, you may run across bent fins. (You may straighten it yourself using a coil fining tool.) All the tools you require, such as soft brushes, screwdrivers, vacuum shop, and general use oil. They are usually available at home.

Put safety first

Turn off your thermostat indoors before your brush, clean, or oil on your outside air conditioning unit. Next, switch off your electric panel’s electricity from the unit. The final warning is to cut off the power at the condensation unit from the electrical disconnect switch. Turn it all back on when you are done – simply the other way around.

Would you like to ensure everything is OK without an unexpected breakdown? Plan your cooling and heating company’s regular maintenance: one for your spring air conditioner, and one for the fall furnace.

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