7 Reasons Why Garden Sheds Are Being Replaced

As property value rises, homeowners are seeking to obtain the best return on their investment. This perspective is leading to significant changes in interior design trends. Not only are new designs focused on extracting the most utility and comfort from a living space but many old and traditional concepts are being challenged and even replaced. One such example is the garden shed.

No longer is a garden shed an innate asset of the garden space. What was once accepted as an essential part of a home’s design is now being renovated and replaced by more valuable alternatives. Here are seven of our favourites.


It seems odd that the Finnish culture of saunas hasn’t made its way across to the UK sooner, especially since there is a great demand for winter activities across the country. Now, however, saunas are catching on and a number of residents are choosing to replace their outdoor storage spaces with luxurious and private sauna spaces.

Home Office

In a culture of remote working, homeowners are frequently looking for a way to establish a professional working space within the home. For many, especially those without a spare room, this can be a challenge. However, a garden shed can be quickly transformed into a cosy office space, even allowing residents to keep their work life and home life relatively separate too.

Log Cabin

For some, it is not the utility that their home needs but another space of relaxation, which is why log cabins are increasingly sought after. Such cabins are idyllic, bringing a relaxing space to a garden, one that also integrates with natural designs.

Play Area

Those with children are often turning to recreate their garden shed as a play area or den for their children, giving them a private space to play (and contain their mess!) that is away from a central living space. This is great for encouraging children to play outdoors. 

Kitchen Assets

As many turn to their gardens for growing vegetables and fruits, others are converting their sheds into kitchen assets too. Whether transforming the outbuilding into a smoker or curing station, there is a lot that can be done with a small outbuilding dedicated to food experimentation – even simply becoming a pantry.


Instead of paying ongoing gym membership fees, some residents are realising that it is better value to simply invest in exercise equipment for the home. Finding the space to set up this equipment is, however, more challenging. With a little create renovation, such a space can be found designed to replace a garden shed.

Guest Room

Whether motivated by the potential profits of an Airbnb project or simply wanting to welcome a greater number of friends and family, sheds are being replaced with guest houses, comfortable spaces that can host guests privately and securely in a garden space.

In addition to this getting a greater return on investment from a garden space, it also allows guests to come and go without the need to venture through a central living space, being ideal for those wanting to offer a place to stay even when they themselves aren’t home.

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