Modern Style Kitchen

The kitchen is not just for cooking anymore, it is the core of the home, and the room with all the activity. The kitchen is used for storing, eating, planning and entertaining guests, and where the family seems to gather during any occasion. Kitchens today are becoming the focal point of any renovation and the trend seems to be for bigger, brighter, more modern spaces with the addition of islands, stainless steel appliances and stone countertops. These larger kitchens are now combining the family room, and dining room into one large room.

The modern kitchen starts with the cabinetry. Most European kitchens come in a variety of woods, and lacquer colors. These cabinets are, for the most part, clean lined, and outfitted with soft close doors and drawers, and compartments for almost every pot, pan, dish or gadget available.  Dark wood base cabinets mixed with a complimentary lacquer color or glass upper cabinets is a growing trend in modern kitchens that seems to be timeless. Choosing the right color combinations can make or break the kitchen renovation.

Appliances play an important role in the modern kitchen.  Stainless steel seems to be what everyone wants in their kitchens and is a staple finish that blends well with other furniture that can be used in the kitchen area. Modern appliances are becoming more technologically advanced and make the kitchen all the more modern. Another trend that is becoming popular in modern kitchens is the integration of the appliances into the cabinetry to make them virtually invisible. This gives the kitchen a clean and uncluttered look.

No matter what style the kitchen, it will always be the heart of the home, giving the pulse and vibe that can be followed throughout the rest of the house. Renovating the kitchen will not only add substantial value to your home, but add sophistication to your life.